View Full Version : New Squeezecenter user issues/observations

2008-04-11, 11:38
Just added the duet to a SB3 I've had. I'm not sure I like the format and operation of the new software that managers the library, but I'll give that time to get use to. These are some things I've noted so far - after about three weeks of use:

1. While Squeezecenter is "on", it prevents my computer from going into Standby mode, even when nothing is playing/no activity with the software. I've resorted to leaving it turned off until I want to use it. This is a hassle if I'm at the other end of the house and I want to use the SB3 or duet to listen to music. Unless of course if it had the ability to remotely turn squeezecenter on - which it does not seem to have.

2. In the migration from slimserver to squeezecenter, the library "lost" the reference to a small number of album covers. I had spent considerable time ensuring every album had a cover, but there does not appear to be a way to fix that in the new software.

3. The wheel on the controller at times is overly sensitive to my touch and i find myself going back and forth to get to the selection. At other times, it does not respond immediately and i have to hit the back and then center button. My thumb has been 'trained' on the ipod nano's wheel, so that's my frame of reference. Another thing my digits will have to get used to.

Overall a good product, and seems to carry the same slim devices quality as the pre-logitech SB, though i never had any of these slight performance glitches with the SB product.