View Full Version : Freecom MyPal & Slimserver

2008-04-11, 08:45

I own a MyPal from Freecom and tried to connect it to my Slimserver 6.54. I did have no success, the slimserver sees the MyPal and starts streaming but the MyPal says "connecting..." and never connects.
The MyPal is able to stream Internet Radio by giving it an URL that should be a stream like the one from the Slimserver.
Does anybody know what to do to make the MyPal stream stuff from my Slimserver by giving it a stream.mp3 URL? Are there any tips and tricks?

Thanks a lot!

2008-04-13, 09:46

does nobody own a MyPal or can nobody tell me the difference between a internet radio stream and the stream generated by Slimserver?

Any hints are really welcome!