View Full Version : Support for single file rips with embedded CUE

David Cullen
2004-02-24, 07:53
Pat Farrel wrote:

I've FLAC'd all my files, and tagged them using FlacFrontEnd on Windws
Has all the appropriate artist, album, etc. at least as well as

I don't seem to be able to get tag to work in FlacFrontEnd. I'm trying to do
the same as you have Pat. Ie. Rip the files during the day and then encode
them to flac overnight. Worked out how to get EAC to create a
genre/artist/cd/track_title tree structure fine.

So then I open up FlacFrontEnd and bring in the files I want to encode.
Output directory is set to be the same as input directory and "add tags" is
ticked. In tagconfig I am unsure as to what to select. I've tried using
autoconfigure but when encoding it says it's failed to add the tag. Should I
use custom and if so what should I put in there? Also should I be putting
something in the artist / cd etc boxes below? If so what?

Sorry for all the probably very dumb and simple questions and if anyone
would prefer I took these offline please just say so!