View Full Version : Music stops but controller still thinks it's playing

2008-04-10, 03:55
At least once every listening session, the current track just stops playing but the controller still indicates it is and continues to count the time down. If I skip to the next track or restart that one it works.

Is the display on the controller controlled by the stream, if so, why is there no audio output?

Is it worth forcing it to stream as WAV?

I'm also getting 'static' at random points which don't seem to be going away with later versions of SC7. SS6.x used to be fine...

2008-04-12, 14:26
When it stops, the track counts down, then jumps 30 seconds forward and counts down again i.e it's always counting down the same section.

Jeff Flowerday
2008-04-13, 15:27
I've been seeing this same problem with a friends system. Randomly during tracks there will be very small static burst and then the audio quits. The controller still counts down. Skipping to the next track or restarting the current track and then it will be fine.

In his case slimserver 7.0.1 is transcoding WMA Lossless.

Anyone have any ideas?

Brian Ritchie
2008-04-14, 15:44
I'm seeing similar behaviour, mainly on my SBR, though occasionally on my SB3 as well, especially when they're synchronised. However, I think that I have poor signal reception in the SBR's location. I could just about understand it when one of a pair of sync'd players loses the signal, but I've had it happen when unsync'd as well. In my case, poor signal seems the most likely cause.

-- Brian

2008-05-30, 05:20
I'm having this problem as well with 7.0.1 on a squeezebox3 running wired and music flac encoded. Random static bursts, dropouts and randomly stopped music. When the music stops I also see the counter revert a few seconds in the past and then count those seconds down again (although there is no sound). It continually repeats that pattern. Hitting the play button will restart that song. This is nonrepeatable with the song and/or time interval from start to stop.

EDIT: after reading more posts about this problem, I wanted to add:

- the MAC addresses on the devices are correct and match the sticker
- the devices have hard coded IP addresses
- up to date XP as server OS
- turned off firewall, and virus software

Has anyone found a fix?


2008-05-30, 07:55
Just had this happen again and found a couple more data points:

- Bufferfullness is 100%
- The backtracking of the time is only on the web interface and not the sb3's display. The sb3's time is stopped. I suspect this is some sort of artifact of how the timer on the web interface is implemented.

- Ray

2008-05-30, 11:36
I just issolated a bad cable in my network that might have been my problem (poor throughput). Take care in running network health tests as the test should run until you tell it to stop. Mine was stopping immediately after reporting 100% and I thought all was well. That wasn't the case. Running the test from the squeezebox remote rather than the web interface provided the correct behavior and helped me to issolate the problem with the cable.

If I don't post back to this tread, it means my music is still playing :-)

- Ray