View Full Version : Support for single file rips with embedded CUE

Simon Turner
2004-02-23, 15:34
> What's a cuesheet file?
> I've FLAC'd all my files, and tagged them using FlacFrontEnd on Windws
> Has all the appropriate artist, album, etc. at least as well as
> Freedb/cddb/gracenotes.

> Granted, they are pretty lame for classical stuff, and only OK
> for older jazz, etc. but work well for pop/rock/...

I have a lot of mix CDs. I also used to use Winamp 2 as my player and got
really annoyed that Winamp ruined the mixing by adding a small gap between
each track. Then I came across the excellent Foobar2000 player. This
recognises cue files (or cuesheets) enabling me to burn a whole mix CD as
one file. The cuesheet tells foobar what track is playing when and contains
markers for the beginning of each track and the end of each track (bearing
in mind that the tracks are mixed into each other). The cuesheet allows
playlists to be built containing individual tracks from single file CD rips.
Slimserver supportss cuesheets in the same manner, but unfortunately only
for mp3 files, not Flac... :-(
I have got used to singe file CD rips and I now prefer them over individual
track rips (neatness, no timing problems on mix cds).

Simon Turner
Brighton UK