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2008-04-09, 04:52
I have a dell laptop which I use as a music server & torrenting machine which came with Vista basic.
My SB3 is connected wirelessly to the router as is the laptop. Signal on both is about 80%.
I use the latest release version of v7 squeezecenter.

On vista, my SB worked fine, I had no connectivity issues & everything was fine except the laptop ran dog slow when I had to use it, even if I wasn't streaming audio.

So I had the idea to format & install XP home, which I did.
The laptop runs much better now, I setup the laptop with the same IP as before & restarted my router & the SB3 & SC7 found each other ok & I could stream audio.

But the SB3 & SC7 lose each other after 20 mins or so & I have to restart the router for them to work again, which they do, for another 20 mins etc etc.

As I said, my network is setup exactly as it was before becuase I took screen dumps of my network settings.

During all of this utorrent on the laptop is happily downloading.

I don't think utorrent is stealing all the bandwidth because it was absolutely fine for months until I installed XP. Also, I was limiting my bandwidth to 150kbs/60kbs in utorrent at the time & I have successfully downloaded ay 17mb/s before & had SC7 streaming audio ok.

All my audio is flac if that matters.
The network is 802.11g

Finally in v6.5.4 of slimserver there was a way of specifying how may "chunks" of data to cache (I think thats what it was). The default was 5 & I set it to 20.
I cannot find this option in SC7.

Any ideas would be gratefully received.

Phil Leigh
2008-04-09, 05:12
are you using DHCP on the router? What is the Lease Time set to? (can't believe its 20 mins but you never know...
Change to fixed IP's for both SB and Server.

2008-04-09, 05:25
Thanks for the reply.
The laptop has a fixed IP & I know the lease time on the router is indefinate, or words to that effect.

2008-04-09, 13:57
For anyone finding this thread in a search later, looks like the problem is flakey wireless in XP as it was fine wirelessly in Vista & it works fine with the laptop hard wired to the router / SB3 still wireless.
Problem solved anyway.
Thanks Phil for your reply.