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2008-04-09, 02:00
yesterday 7.0 saw all of the artwork. today, after a clear and rescan it see's NONE of it.
all of the artwork is embedded in the mp3's.
the log repeats this error
/opt/squeezecenter/Slim/Formats/MP3.pm line 148
[08-04-09 04:41:43.9734] Carp::carp (271) Warning: Size mismatch on APIC
for every one of the 25,000 mp3's on the server.
it wouldn't read the 2.4 tags so i (very painfully converted them back to 2.3 tags)
it also wouldn't dump the database and rescan unless i dumped the entire database and started anew.
in additon, after the artwork failure, i get an endless number of this error:

[08-04-09 04:54:11.8021] MPEG::Audio::Frame::broken (619) Warning: Use of uninitialized value in right bitshift (>>) at /opt/squeezecenter/l ib/MPEG/Audio/Frame.pm line 619, <$mpeg> chunk 126.