View Full Version : recommend a 802.11g + WPA device to go with Squeezebox?

Tom Armitage
2004-02-23, 13:31
I am looking at buying the Squeezebox but I've just gone and installed an
all 802.11g network with WPA - 2 things that the Squeeze box doesn't do
right now.

Is there any time line for release with these features?

I have an SMC Barricade 802.11g wireless router (SMC2804WBRP-G) and an
Apple iBook G4 with Airport Extreme and I had a bit of trouble getting
both to work with any other 802.11b + WEP devices on the same wireless

Basically the iBook wouldn't sems to connect with WPA or WEP enabled if
there were any 802.11b devices connected using WEP (even though the router
says it can do 802.11b, 802.11g, WEP and WPA at the same time). Having no
security enabled is not a good idea, hence I want to stay all 802.11g +

So I was thinking of getting the wired Squeeze box and attaching a 802.11g
ethernet device, for example the SMC2870W Wireless Ethernet Bridge (
), to connect the Squeezebox to my network.

Has anyone else tried something similar?

Is this a good idea? Are there any other approaches anyone has used?

Are there other 802.11g wireless ethernet bridges anyone can recommend for
this job?

Maybe I should just persist with trying to get the iBook to work with
802.11b + WEP devices on the same wireless LAN...

Thanks for any advice.