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T. J. Angstman
2004-02-23, 13:31
I have a K-6 400 with 128 meg running FreeBSD 5.0. Works fine for slimp3
but when streaming through lame I peg the cpu at 100% like you - it does
work though.

I have a 1.7 ghz athlon that I am going to swap so I am not running at
such a high utilization rate.

T. J. Angstman

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I looked on the Slim Devices website, but didn't see any mention of
minimum CPU's for different OS's, but then again, I may have missed it.
got me starting to think about this is that a while ago I noticed that
streaming music to my work computer starting skipping. When I think
about it
now, the skipping probably started at the same time that I switched
computers and also started using iTunes to rip CD's to AAC and not mp3.

The previous system was a K6-300 running FreeBSD 4.7. I switched to
using a
spare iMac G3-350. With the iMac I've noticed that streaming mp3's
doesn't seem
to be an issue, but streaming AAC's can result in skipping. Using "top",
noticed that when streaming mp3's perl seems to be the only related
consume CPU and it averages ~18% CPU. When streaming AAC's, perl remains
about the same level, but lame consumes ~50% CPU and mov123 ~5% CPU.
So, ~75%
of the CPU is being consumed to either stream to HTTP or play on the
device. This would seem to explain the skipping, especially the times
when the
Slimp3 device was playing and I was streaming to work.

I'm curious if anyone else has data or information on CPU utilization
for their
particular OS's.


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