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2008-04-08, 09:05
I'm trying to connect a Minimac and a Duet without using a router.

With Airport.
No encryption (for easy way) I have to set the Mac to DHCP. Then "make a network" through the airport-icon.
Reboot the Duet and the box. connect to the airport. The Duet seems to give the mac an IP-adress but recieves none back. Ok - ( selfassign) Now it's up and running.
Ok so far so good. restarts the computer to simulate next day of usage. the MAC doesnt connect back to the network i created yesterday and the Duet finds the computer but cant connect to musicsource.(of course)
solution=start a new network (through airport Icon) and restart the Duet.

How can I make the minimac to remeber it's network ?

Try connect with a crossed TP-cable. Doesnt work at all. The duet gives a ip-adress to the Mac but doesnt selfassign.

If i connect my router with dhcp to the mac and the duet it runs smooth. after installation I can shut down the computer as many times as I like.

I'm doing this for a friend that doesnt have a router and wants the system to be as portabel as possible. just bringing the Duet and the minimac, no screen or anything.

Does anyone got a solution how to connect the Duet with an Mac and keep it stable without using a router ?

Eric Seaberg
2008-04-08, 09:34
Why don't you make both devices STATIC, or at least the MINI?

2008-04-08, 12:51
doesnt help,
Im not used to work with macentosh at all.
If I make the airport static the duet cant connect att all or wont find musicsources accept Squeezenetwork witch doesnt exist.
Fo the Duet to find the MAC's airport I have to make a Network and ive it a name. Then on networkstatu the airport says its bconnected to itself, then the duet finds it. shouldnt logical the Mac be connected to the squeezebox ?
Well anyhow, It doesnt work with Tp-cable even with static either.
Probably I missed some logic/must be used button or something.
It's the same in my PC network, he doesnt wanna show himself though i addded the windows friendly file sharing, the only way is to go through search in IP numbers.

Eric Seaberg
2008-04-08, 13:42
If the Duet works like the SB3 and Transporter you can enter the static IP address of your server when you setup. I do this at home, actually giving the server and all devices a static IP. It's easy to do and means no more hunting.

2008-04-08, 23:02
Hi, yes I thought that would work. Static adresses solves most of problems. But not in this case.
I'll give it another try tomorrow.
( first I saw a Yamaha -D2000 in your avatar, then I looked closer, what mixer are you using ? )

2008-04-09, 01:51
Does anyone has a step by step procedure to connect a Duet and a Mini mac with each other. I would be very helpful.

I've got a duet by my own and a cat6 network with PC computers set up in the house.i'ts working fine. I just can't get this configuration to work for my friend.

Eric Seaberg
2008-04-09, 07:23
I'll try it tonight with my MacBook Pro and SB3 and see what happens.

You setup the MINI as a wireless network source, right? No other connection to the MINI? No ethernet or anything...just wireless? You won't get any internet radio that way, but if he just wants to play tunes...

Eric Seaberg
2008-04-09, 09:32
I tried it at work between my MBPro and an SB3 I have here (I stream from my server at home to the SB3 at our studio facility). The SB3 can certainly SEE my MBPro but it won't connect to the server. I entered static IP addresses for both devices, but no love with the server.

It's possible our network is blocking it as it's VERY ROBUST and looks for 'other' wireless networks and busts them up.

I'll try it at home tonight.

2008-04-09, 11:39
Ok, thankyou so much for your help.
I now looked into the problem in another direction.

If I start the Mac, start the Airport and start a network called "my computer"
Then (after factoryreset) i install the duet to the airport without any problems (self assign IP of course).
Everything works fine.
When I shutdown the mac and starts it up again the next morning it doesnt connect to the network "my computer" that it was connected to yesterday, if I connect manually by klicking on the airport and select "my computer" and then starts up the Duet everyting works fine. So that is just the proceedure I have to to everytime i start up the mac and want to listen to music. Select a network in the airport menu.
I've tried in systemsettings - Netork to set to Primary Network and then dragged "my computer" to the first and even set the rolldown menu to "keep on searching for older networks" (instead of connect to public)

( i wanna bring the minimac without screen or mouse together with a duet for exemple a demo or convention/trade fair/exhibition hall.)

How to I do do get the minimac to reconnect to an airport network after reboot ?

Best regards

Eric Seaberg
2008-04-09, 16:20
How to I do do get the minimac to reconnect to an airport network after reboot ?

Best regards

You can't! When you reboot it defaults back to your 'normal' wireless network setting. Doing a computer-to-computer network isn't really a standard setup. There'd be a lot more people wondering why their internet connection was dead if it came up that way.

Eric Seaberg
2008-04-09, 18:46
If I start the Mac, start the Airport and start a network called "my computer"
Then (after factoryreset) i install the duet to the airport without any problems (self assign IP of course).
Everything works fine.

I don't see HOW this is working! I tried it at home as well. I can certainly see 'my computer' with the SB3 and I can assign static IPs to both that should work, but it NEVER connects to SqueezeCenter.

Actually, with SqueezeCenter installed on my MBPro and it connected to my house network the 'normal' way, both my SB3 and Transporter can play tunes from it simply by changing the server IP address on the player... so the software is working correctly.

Why don't you just go out and spend $70 on a LinkSys wireless router and let it handle all of the grief? Or even make it WIRED (cheaper yet)? By doing this you could assign your 'headless' MINI a static IP that the Duet would always see when you boot up.

2008-04-17, 01:26
Got it working now with a cable, both crossed and normal TP.
Got it fixed with release 7,01 080415

The airport is builtin and doesnt have the DHCP funkction as an Airport extreme has. (breakoutbox) That is why it wont reconnect when I reboot. ( now I learned something new about mac) There been a bit confusion before I realized that there is different types of airports.

With tp-cable connected between the two units:
The Duet reconnects and finds the computer and the musicsource without any problems now.
That means that I can bring just the minimac and the duet for demo. I can now leave mouse, keyboard and screen at home. great!

tanks Eric for your support and thanks to all the guys at slimdevices that is constantly working on the firmware