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2008-04-07, 04:52
I have 2 Squeezebox Classics and 1 Duet Receiver. For some reason my Controller will not connect with my Duet Receiver - it just shows the spinning connecting icons. My entire system has worked fine in the past but this issue started to appear a couple of weeks back. After countless times of resetting everything to factory defaults and having to go through entering my WEP-key all over again, I'd figure if there is a more immediate fix I'm hoping to find it here.

My Classics both playback fine by either SqueezeCenter 7.0 (retail release) or SqueezeNetwork. I just can't get my Controller to connect to anything. Also, it is no longer detected in SqueezeNetwork under the listed players (my 2 Classics and my Duet Receiver does).

Finally, if I try to activate playback via SqueezeNetwork via an Internet browser (Firefox or IE7) the playback appears to begin for a second but then it appears to be off.

Anybody know what's going on?

2008-04-07, 05:30
Do you have password security set up in SC7? If so, it needs to be turned off.

I just got a Squeezebox Duet the other day and had already had an SB3 set up. After a few hours of frustration not being able to get the SBC to connect and actually even calling tech support, I tried disabling the password on a lark and it worked. Turns out it is a known issue. Also had to restart the SBC once the password was disabled.

2008-04-07, 06:42
Thanks for the reply. No, I do not have password security setup in SC7. Oddly enough, I have made no changes to my system at all. Whereas it was working fine for the first few weeks lately it just stopped. My network is fine and all other devices work fine.

If I am connected to SC7 and playing music, if I try to change source to SqueezeNetwork I get the same connection problem (spinning indefinately, etc).

Anyone else?

2008-04-07, 14:31
Anyone? Help...

2008-04-07, 14:43
Your Squeezebox Controller may have died. I would call tech support.


2008-04-07, 17:24
Your Squeezebox Controller may have died. I would call tech support.


Thanks - I tried a factory reset, set my Receiver back up, and even added my Controller back to SN. Still caught in this endless "connecting to" loop so my Controller may have indeed took a crap on me.

I'll give tech support a call ASAP.


2008-04-07, 17:47
I have had this happen 3 times now. It is odd. I have figured out this much though:

- I run SN and SC7 on an Infrant NV+ box. I am most often set on SN.
- I have 3 SB3's running and have not set up my Duet receiver.

When SN goes down or is isconnected from the controller it seems to get stuck. When I try to go to the SC7 to perhaps get on that server the receiver just clicks as if it won't let me switch. The same thing happened when I rebooted by system and the NAS changed IP's, thus the SC7 Ip changed.

It is totally odd though. The device just spins and says CONNECTING. I ended up doing much the same - resetting, re-entering, getting frustrated and walking away for a while, then trying again. At the moment it is working. Even odder - the IR remotes typically work.

All I can figure is that it happens when your devices are on SN and for one reason or another the connection between the two breaks.

2008-04-07, 18:19
Thanks for sharing - very strange indeed. I just spent about 30-40 minutes on the phone with Logitech/Slim tech support - charming chaps. Unfortunately my issue has been delayed until tomorrow as the senior tech didn't seem to recognize this as a common problem.

He's supposed to call me back tomorrow to hopefully resolve it. He's offered to replace the units but would like to try a more immediate fix prior to sending out a replacement.

Oddly enough, I would feel more comfortable in the knowledge that the hardware crapped out on me rather than it being a strange anomaly that is difficult to reproduce or random at best. I don't want this to keep happening! ;^P Be that as it may, I am confident things will be resolved. I've been a Slim customer for several years now and they've given me no reason to doubt their support before.


2008-04-07, 18:52
I have had the same problems...haven't called to complain about it yet, but it is very frustrating. I think i have it narrowed down to this: When the controller is not working, and cannot see my music on my computer, it is because there is a problem w/ SC on my computer. When i have problems with controller, i immediately go and see if SC will work on the computer. Sure enough, SC won't load, or come up on the computer and run like it should. I then restart my computer and try and get SC going again... usually this will solve the problem. SC comes up and works, and the controller immediately works, and show all of my music sources. A little more info:

Windows xp, wired ethernet to receiver, wireless network works fine when i am having problems, I don't know... i hope somebody figures this problem out soon... thanks

2008-04-09, 18:23
I'm totally wireless on Vista (except for my router which is attached to my main server via CAT5). Anyway, Anoop in tech support just got me sorted out - although I'm not sure what happened. Basically you have to do a reset on your Controller, select SqueezeCenter as the source, and then you should be able to connect to SqueezeNetwork once initially connected to SqueezeCenter.

He apparently had 2 or 3 other users experience the same problem I did and this got them sorted. Strangely enough, we tried doing that once in my 40 minute session a couple of days ago but it didn't work then.


I'll try it again if the problem re-emerges but for now I can switch between SqueezeCenter and SqueezeNetwork via my Controller without issue.


2008-04-09, 19:29
IStrangely enough, we tried doing that once in my 40 minute session a couple of days ago but it didn't work then.

Did you skip the sacrifice a virgin step the first time?

(No, no, I mean buy a Madonna album and microwave it).

2008-04-09, 20:43
Did you skip the sacrifice a virgin step the first time?

(No, no, I mean buy a Madonna album and microwave it).

Isn't that the "Like a Virgin" sacrifice? (And you shouldn't use a microwave, it might mess with the wireless network. Use a MAPP blowtorch instead.)

-=> Jim