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Jason Holtzapple
2004-02-22, 10:32
--- Simon Turner <simon (AT) brighton (DOT) co.uk> wrote:
> > One nice FLAC feature that I would like to add into the server
> > is support for embedded cuesheets. I've already written the
> > code, but I'm waiting until a pretty nasty flac bug is fixed before
> > submitting it.
> >
> > --Jason
> Jason.
> Does your comment mean that when this Flac big is fixed and you've added
> your code supporting embedded Cue sheets that I will be able to rip my CDs
> as single file Flacs and have Squeezebox be able to handle them correctly
> (i.e. recognise individual tracks?).

Yes. But I can't take credit for the code to parse cuesheet info from
flacs - that was added by someone else. What remains to be added is the
code to have the server actually utilize this information.

> If so, can you let me know what the Flac bug is so I can attempt to find out
> if it is likely to be fixed soon (or do you know this?).

I submitted this bug:

It's a showstopper for embedded cuesheets and squeezebox. Development
on flac seems slow at the moment. I have no idea when it will be fixed.

> I am about to rip a load of my CDs to Flac and would much prefer to rip each
> CD to a single file, but only if the Squeezebox is likely to support single
> file rips in the near future.

I really have no idea. Since you can stitch multiple flacs back together
into a single full album flac losslessly, you might want to go multiple
files for now with a cuesheet file unless you are prepared to wait an
unknown length of time for support. This is what I'm doing.

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news - I really want this as well.


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Pat Farrell
2004-02-23, 14:21
At 04:07 PM 2/23/2004, Simon Turner wrote:
>OK, thnaks for this Jason. I have decided to rip my CDs as multiple files.
>Now my problem is how to produce the correct cuesheet file

What's a cuesheet file?
I've FLAC'd all my files, and tagged them using FlacFrontEnd on Windws
Has all the appropriate artist, album, etc. at least as well as

Granted, they are pretty lame for classical stuff, and only OK
for older jazz, etc. but work well for pop/rock/...

> they do not seem to include any marker information and refer to
> individual wav files
>rather than flac files (see below).

I'm very curious about what marker information is, how it is used, etc.


Dan Sully
2004-02-23, 17:24
* Simon Turner <simon (AT) brighton (DOT) co.uk> shaped the electrons to say...

>I have a lot of mix CDs. I also used to use Winamp 2 as my player and got
>really annoyed that Winamp ruined the mixing by adding a small gap between
>each track. Then I came across the excellent Foobar2000 player. This
>recognises cue files (or cuesheets) enabling me to burn a whole mix CD as
>one file. The cuesheet tells foobar what track is playing when and contains
>markers for the beginning of each track and the end of each track (bearing
>in mind that the tracks are mixed into each other). The cuesheet allows
>playlists to be built containing individual tracks from single file CD rips.
>Slimserver supportss cuesheets in the same manner, but unfortunately only
>for mp3 files, not Flac... :-(
>I have got used to singe file CD rips and I now prefer them over individual
>track rips (neatness, no timing problems on mix cds).

FLAC does not have the gapping problem with individual files.

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Pat Farrell
2004-02-24, 13:06
At 09:53 AM 2/24/2004, David Cullen wrote:
>I don't seem to be able to get tag to work in FlacFrontEnd. I'm trying to
>do the same as you have Pat. Ie. Rip the files during the day and then
>encode them to flac overnight. Worked out how to get EAC to create a
>genre/artist/cd/track_title tree structure fine.

OK, I'll assume you are using Windows for ripping, like I do.

For all this testing, use a small directory, or even just a single file.

First, does tag work at all for you?
You should be able to fire up a CMD shell and enter
tag *

and get something that looks like rational tag output.
Try this on files that you know have good tags and try it on files
you are having problem with.

>So then I open up FlacFrontEnd and bring in the files I want to encode.
>Output directory is set to be the same as input directory and "add tags"
>is ticked.

So far, so good.

>In tagconfig I am unsure as to what to select. I've tried using
>autoconfigure but when encoding it says it's failed to add the tag. Should
>I use custom and if so what should I put in there?

I use Custom and have G\A\L\N - T
in there. Nothing else is entered in the Tag Confguration dialog box fields

>Also should I be putting something in the artist / cd etc boxes below? If
>so what?

You should not have to.
Tag should read the file name/path and parse out the stuff. that is what
the G\A\L\N-T
tells it to do. Genre \ artist \ albumname \ <track> - <song title>

>Sorry for all the probably very dumb and simple questions and if anyone
>would prefer I took these offline please just say so!

Lets keep this on-list a little while, as others may have the same
questions later.

Try this, and let us/me know how it works.