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2008-04-06, 12:32
Hello all,

I bought a Duet today, my 1st Squeezebox. With the well-written documentation (which unfortunately is nowhere to be found in the product box), I could setup my duet in bridged mode as needed. All works well.

There is one thing bugging me: in settings/advanced/network update I can see "updated software is available for this remote". Problem is, I have updated the remote something like 4 times already today, and I still have that message. The install seems to run fine each time, so I really begin to wonder...
I don't know where to read the current version for the remote and I can't get to a shell using ssh or ssh -1.

So, known issue, or non issue ?

2008-04-06, 12:40
download the newest nightly:


and see if that fixes it.

2008-04-06, 13:01
It's a known bug that the "network update" always returns "you need an update". The remote will automatically prompt you when it needs updating.

The remote version is there, sorry, I don't have mine handy to tell you which menu version.

Did you enable ssh?

What happens when you ssh -v to the remote?

2008-04-06, 13:06
my controller is running 7.0.1 r2171

i don't have a "network update" i have a "software update."

mine tells me there is no newer and that i already have the newest installed. i know it used to have a bug telling me to install a newer one, (that was the same) but an update fixed that.

i am in the dark somewhat however...

does the controller get the update from SC7 locally, or at the slim site, or can it do either?

2008-04-06, 14:33
Thanks guys, updating SC to the nightly did solve both problems:
- settings>advanced>software update now says I'm up to date
- with this version I could ssh just fine.

So the SC server embeds the firmware updates for the devices, and can push them over the Lan. Updating the server does it all. That's great.

Thanks again,

For the record, I was running the official release for OS X, 7.0 r-something, player firmware version 22. The remote now states version 7.0.1 r2171 in the about dialog, and my player Information states firmware version 23.

2008-04-06, 14:36
does the controller get the update from SC7 locally, or at the slim site, or can it do either?

either afaik.

2008-04-06, 15:49
i should add that i didn't mean by SD card when i said locally. i meant from SC7.

so then the question to me is, does it try to get the update from slim site first, then SC7? and if so, how often is it checking the slim site?