View Full Version : Support for single file rips with embedded CUE sheets [Was:FLAC Replaygain]

Simon Turner
2004-02-22, 10:05
> One nice FLAC feature that I would like to add into the server
> is support for embedded cuesheets. I've already written the
> code, but I'm waiting until a pretty nasty flac bug is fixed before
> submitting it.
> --Jason

Does your comment mean that when this Flac big is fixed and you've added
your code supporting embedded Cue sheets that I will be able to rip my CDs
as single file Flacs and have Squeezebox be able to handle them correctly
(i.e. recognise individual tracks?).
If so, can you let me know what the Flac bug is so I can attempt to find out
if it is likely to be fixed soon (or do you know this?).

I am about to rip a load of my CDs to Flac and would much prefer to rip each
CD to a single file, but only if the Squeezebox is likely to support single
file rips in the near future.


Simon Turner
Brighton UK