View Full Version : MacPro Users-Anyone using Digital Into the MP with SB3?

2008-04-05, 18:38
I just got a MacPro 2.66 Refurb. I've been flipping back an forth between the SB3 which is playing through a powered speaker set-up. Sometimes I want to use iTunes mostly to play DRM'd music files. I also have a USB powered headphone amplifier. So that is another reason to use the MacPro.

Would it make sense to take the Optical TOS Link out and feed it into the MacPro's digital in, and essentially use it as a source switcher between the SB3 and iTunes?

Eric Seaberg
2008-04-06, 08:55
Why waste the SB3 for that when you can play your entire Slim library using SoftSqueeze on the MP.

Also, any DRM'd music from iTunes can be burned to CD, then re-ripped for Slim. However, I would HIGHLY advise re-ripping lossless since the damage to the music has already been done in the first compression done by Apple. DO NOT RE-RIP AS MP3!!