View Full Version : where is the SBC album art cache?

2008-04-05, 13:35
After I added an ALBUMSORT tag to enhance the way album browsing works on the Squeezebox Controller (getting it to sort by Artist then Year), one of my SBCs was showing the wrong artwork for some albums. Seeing that the problem did not exist on my other SBCs or on the web ui, I figured it had to be the SBC's album art cache that was mucked up. I fixed it by doing a factory reset of the SBC, but it got me wondering: could I have reset the cache instead by ssh'ing into the SBC and deleting the right file(s)? If so, which one(s)?

I don't expect it to happen again, but just in case, inquiring minds want to know (and don't feel like typing in WPA keys more than they have to....)

2008-04-05, 14:04
I think we might need to add a way for SC to tell SBC to dump it's artwork cache after a rescan.