View Full Version : Couldn't find DHCP Server wirelessly, but could by Ethernet

2008-04-05, 12:46
I have been unable to connect to SqueezeCenter via a wireless connection. It says it has found the network, indicating 99% signal strength, but when I go to connect to SqueezeCenter it says "Couldn't Find DHCP Server".

So I hard-wire connected via ethernet, and it worked fine - was able to auto find IP address using DHCP. And I was able to determine:

Player's IP Address is
Host (computer's) IP address is, which I think is the same as the gateway IP#
Gateway IP

But I don't know how to find the DNS server IP address. Under Static IP I just gave it a random number of, but it still can't find the DNS Server IP# under wireless connection and it won't work under auto IP connect (can't find DHCP server).

So what should I try now?
How do I find the DNS server IP#?
What is the fact that it can't find DHCP wirelessly but it can by ethernet telling me?

Eric Seaberg
2008-04-05, 16:50
When you say HAD WIRE VIA ETHERNET do you mean that you're connecting to a router? Is it possible that your wireless access point is NOT in BRIDGE mode (this is where is lets the ROUTER create the IP addresses and simply BRIDGES between the wireless devices and the router). If not, then your access point is taking the IP address given to it by your router and re-distributing different addresses on its own.

Mark Lanctot
2008-04-10, 10:29
You say you connect tried to connect wirelessly which implies you have a WAP, a wireless router or a wireless card in a PC functioning in router/AP/ad-hoc mode. Which is it?

If it's a router, you can access the router's configuration page at its IP address, just enter it in your browser URL bar. Routers can act as DNS servers but I've never gotten mine to work properly, I just use the DNS my ISP gives me, which is listed in my router pages.

By giving the gateway and DNS IP as that of the server, you're implying that the server is functioning as an AP/router or that you're in ad-hoc mode. Usually to have something like this work, the server needs two network connections, one for Internet, one for the rest of the LAN or WLAN, then your "bridge" the connections. Is this the case? If so, this can be a complicated setup, it's far easier to go through a router for this. Plus you can get to the Internet from your LAN/WLAN without this server running.