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Stephen Jones
2004-02-22, 06:58

I hadn't taken note of which mp3's were affected, so I'll find one and
make sure it plays normally on other apps, before sending to yourself.



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This problem isn't familiar to me.

Can you send me one of the MP3s in question?


On Feb 21, 2004, at 5:18 AM, Stephen Jones wrote:

> Hi

> I’m new to the list so this perhaps this is a common fault easily
> fixed…
> It’s quite a basic setup -- a SlimP3 connected via switch to a fairly
> old Dell Precision 410 (400mhz) running the latest server software. I
> recently upgraded the players firmware to ver 2.2. The problem is that

> when playing quite a number of non specific mp3’s the player will
> “struggle” to play them. By that I mean the volume jumps up to what
> seems full volume, the playback jitters and stops, and consequently
> the player will reboot time after time until this tune is removed from

> the playlist.
> Can this be related to resources on the server PC?
> I’ve never had any problems playing these audio files using Musicmatch

> or similar.
> Any help appreciated
> Steve