View Full Version : SB3 has a mind of its own

2008-04-05, 08:33
One of my SB3s starts playing (of its own accord)whatever it was playing before I turned it off.

It's about a week old, I bought it for my bedroom, partly to use as an alarm. It's the first time I've used the alarm function. I came back in at 1am this morning to find it blasting out music. The alarm is set for 6.30am.

I haven't tried turning off the alarm to see if it's alarm related yet, but wondered if anyone else had noticed this behaviour.

I have 3 SB3s now and thought that maybe the remotes for my other two were accidentally operating this one but obviously not given I was out of the house for this last occurrence.

2008-04-05, 08:58
It'd be helpful if you stated what version of Slimserver/SlimCenter you were using and on what platform. But if SlimCenter 7 there are a few threads about Random Mix causing just this sort of problem. I think it's been cured in a newly released version of SC7. So, if you use Random Mix try searching the forum to find out more.


2008-04-05, 09:16
Fair point, sorry.

I am using SC7, and I did use Random Mix although I don't think that was the only playlist that I had trouble with.

I'll check out the thread. Thanks