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2008-04-04, 21:32
Here is a chronological account of my experiences with Tact USA upon purchase of a brand new 2150 XDM 3 months ago.

1) Directly out of box the amp is defective. The standby function doesnít work and when I contact Boz (the company owner) he informs me that this is probably a defect in the controller board. He promises to ship to me a replacement board immediately.
2) A month passes and when I inquire I find out the board hasnít even been shipped.
3) When the board does arrive it is the WRONG one.
4) I wait another few weeks before the correct board finally arrives (we are now up to six weeks). The replacement turns out to be defective as well (but with a different problem). This time the front panel stops responding to commands a few minutes after each power up (powering down is the only way to reset).
5) While Iíve been patient up to this point, Iím starting to get concerned about the support and integrity of the company so I request a refund. This is refused by both Tact and the dealer (Jeff Stake).
6) I am forced to pay for shipping back to the company for repair.
7) Despite Bozís promise that this problem will be looked after immediately the amp isnít returned for a month.
8) When the amp does arrive it is COD and I am forced to shell out another $80. While this is beyond outrageous it gets worse... much worse.
9) I open the box and discover that the amp has been dropped or seriously mishandled in some way. ONE CORNER OF THE ALUMINUM FRONT PANEL HAS BEEN BADLY DAMAGED. Even though this kind of damage is completely impossible to do during shipment, with each corner of the amp encased in 2Ē of very thick heavy plastic foam that would be impossible to penetrate (even with a hammer), Boz lies and claims that the amp was received in damaged condition.
Here is a link to a picture of the damage: http://img374.imageshack.us/img374/235/img9781zw5.jpg
10) When I attempt to take measurements I get bizarre and completely unacceptable readings and am forced to reload the firmware myself before it even functions.
11) To add final insult to injury it turns out that initial defect (where the standby function does not work) has NOT been corrected.
12) I now have a $3000 defective damaged amp that I can't resell.

Suffice to say that I will NEVER do business with Tact USA again and I would caution any new buyers that it appears that the company has deteriorated to a point bordering on criminal.

2008-04-05, 09:21
I did a look-up on google and I assume you are referring to Tact Audio of New Jersey.

I would suggest the following:

Contest the charges with your credit card company. The credit card company should not charge you and reverse the charges.

COD: That is generally a red flag that something is suspicious. Keeping everything on a credit card gives you the remedy of the first suggestion.

Write to the District Attorney (prosecutor) for the locality of the other party.

Sue in your own locality in small claims court (and hopefully the court will accept jurisdiction - show the judge the advertisements in magazines to indicate it is a national company and also show the judge the list of dealers located in different states for this manufacturer). If the judge will not entertain jurisdiction, sue in small claims court in the locality of the manufacturer by doing everything my mail. Hopefully the clerk of that court will explain the detailed procedures and send you the local forms for you to fill out.

Participate in every online forum that you can discuss this manufacturer's products and explain your story over and over again.

Contact the manufacturer's dealers to explain the story.

Contact the magazines that the manufacturer advertises in to tell your story.

Contact any trade associations (is there an audiophile trade group?) and tell your story.

All these contacts might put some pressure on the manufacturer to settle with you.

Let me now make a general statement about dealing with a small company by mail. You are taking a risk. And you found out why. Your remedies are constrained compared to buying through a major retailer, either online or locally. Amazon or Best Buy, for example, have no questions asked return policies.

It is a shame to say that, but you live and learn.

Now, let me switch subjects from remedies to "audiophiles".

I am in the pro audio field. So I know how music is recorded and produced.

It continues to amaze me about consumers of music who, in my humble opinion, overpay for socalled audiophile equipment. Paying more money for audio equipment very quickly suffers from the economic concept of the law of diminishing returns. That is to say that if you pay ten times as much for an amp, for example, you are not going to get ten times better sound. The simple reason is biological - the human ear has limits and simply can't pick up frequencies beyond a very narrow range.

Economics recognizes the psychic income derived from some purchases. Maybe the name of a product or where it is advertised can sometimes seduce the consumer. Unfortunately the quality of a product must be judged by how it sounds, not by the exoteric name on the faceplate.

Do you really think that Yamaha or Sony or Panasonic et al don't have the best audio engineers in the world? Do you really think a little company with a handful of employees that advertises in some "audiophile" magazine can make a product that sounds better than the big boys? Please.

Whether in the field of consumer amps or consumer speakers, do yourself a favor to avoid future aggravation and save yourself some money, and buy from a reputable retailer and get a product made by a "big" company. Your ears will never know the difference and the product will work.

2008-04-05, 15:55
From Boz, Owner of TacT Audio USA.

Dear Friends,

In any high tech product thing can go wrong. Products can be damaged by company employees, shipping company and end users. In any case Tact makes sure that the problem is promptly resolved to customerís satisfaction even if the unit was not purchased from Tact. Tact customer support record speaks for itself. However there are certain points when, in order not to humiliate its employees the company has to draw a line and distance itself from an abusive person. After receiving the bellow email Tact made a decision not to expose its employees to this abusive, offensive and I a way threatening individual.

The following is one of the emails received by Tact support.

(from Gerry)
"We're on now pal,

After shipping me an amp that was clearly never even bench tested and defective right out of the box you've got a lot of nerve charging me COD for the return shipment (on top of the $80 I had to shell out to send it back). Then I open the box to find the amp has been dropped and the corner has been smashed. Before you try and bullshit me that is shipping damage this did not happen on the return trip since the boxes were unmarked and it did not happen on the way to you since the corners of the amp are encased in foam (there is a picture attached). To add insult to injury I had to reload the firmware before I could even get a reasonable room measurement.
Ok Mother Fucker, if that's the way you want to play it, I'll play. I've already convinced one friend to not purchase a new 2150 from you and I am going to post an account of the 3 months of bullshit and fuckups I been through with your company on all my favorite audio websites. I hope is was worth it to you because I've been around Audio Asylum for many years and have enough cred that plenty of people will listen when I speak. I am also very good with the written word and think I could do plenty of damage on the Stereophile forum as well. Naturally I'll also let the people on the Tact site know how badly your company has deteriorated.

Look me up any time you are in town fucker and I'll be looking forward to any future Tact audio shows that come to town.

2008-04-05, 16:02
I have closed this thread because it is off-topic - these forums are for discussing Slim/Logi products. AVSforum/Audiocircle/Head-fi might be better places to air your grievance.