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2008-04-04, 12:53
A bit puzzling to me. I wanted to play J.J.Cale tonight and went to Genre, Rock and J.J.Cale and pressed play. It played one song only. Okay, started it again, only one song played. Investigation revealed one song showing up as an own album, but wrong disc no. The song is the last on disc 1, here it showed as disc 2.
Disc 1 and 2 are both in the library, including the mentioned song.
I searched ITunes, and the single song is not there. I also searched the computer for J.J.Cale files but nothing came up, why I dont know.
How do I find this file so I can delete it ?

2008-04-04, 13:04
Take a look at the song info while it's playing. The last(?) piece of info is the URL which should be the file path.


2008-04-04, 13:31
A bit puzzling to me. I wanted to play J.J.Cale tonight...

You have excellent taste.

While playing the track, press the right arrow on the now playing screen. Scroll down through the list of information about the track until you find the URL -- in the case of a local file, the URL points to the file location.

-=> Jim

2008-04-04, 14:42
Ah, what I did was look in the Itunes library itself, no appearance there.
I now looked under my documents, ITunes and all the folders came up, and there is was.
Thank you both.