View Full Version : Slimdevices products unable to play ogg vorbis streams without freezing

2008-04-04, 02:51
Hello from France (sorry for my bad english)!

I bought a Squeezebox 3 two weeks ago, principaly to listen to webradios.
The technical infos said : "Support for MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and WMA formatted Internet Radio streams"

I tried to listen to my favorite webradio, the dividing line, the stream is at this adress : http://www.thedividingline.com/listen-high.pls

The result is that the Squeezebox FREEZES (blocked bargraph, unable to catch any oder stream until powering off the squeezebox)

Taking a look at this forum (unfortunately after buying the squeezebox) I saw that there is a bug report (#4418) about this problem, wich is known since 2006 ! This bug is common to the whole product line of slimdevices.

My question is : when can I expect to have my squeezebox working normally, like do Winamp or screamer radio with ogg vorbis streams ?!
I paid for that !!!

And yes, I know I can transcode the ogg vorbis stream in Squeezecenter, but I bought a Squeezebox primarely to be able to listen to internet radios without my computer (trough squeezenetwork) !