View Full Version : SC Doesn't Stop Repeating

2008-04-03, 20:54
Hi all,

I've just upgraded to SC 7.0 from SS 6.5.

[To the developers -- It's terrific. I love the iTunes integration!]

Unfortunately, I've got one little bug I'd like to try and figure out. My playlists don't stop repeating! (And, of course, I've unchecked the repeat button.) Does anyone know what might be causing this behavior?

FWIW: I'm running SC 7.0.1 on Debian Linux. My linux box is running an MP3 player (madplay) that plays streams from localhost/stream.mp3. If madplay doesn't detect an active stream, it waits 10 seconds and then searches for one again. (Could this be causing my weird behavior?)

Thanks all!