View Full Version : Problems with Duet Controller - a suggestion

2008-04-03, 00:55
I see lots of posts about problems with the Duet Controller, many of them related to apparent wireless issues, with a sprinkling of other glitches. It's not clear, but it appears that most of these problems are happening on recent beta-test versions of both SqueezeCenter and Controller firmware.

I'm currently running the official 7.0 release of SqueezeCenter with Controller firmware r2097 (which I presume is the current production release), and am having no problems. The controller just works as it should. It's been up for days now without a hitch.

Now, some of the people reporting issues may very well be deliberate beta-testers who are trying to help - fair enough. But it seems that a large number are frustrated normal users who just want the thing to work. In that case, I strongly encourage those users to install the production 7.0 release of SqueezeCenter, load up Controller firmware r2097, and try again.

2008-04-03, 01:02
I agree with you Clive. I have had everything up and running since just before Easter (same version and firmware as you), and have no problems. I have the Duet and 2 SB3s. The controller seems to work all without any issues.

The whole system gets a huge thumbs up from me!


2008-04-03, 02:33
I thougt the same: my duett worked for 5 days without any problem. Then - suddenly - the controller lost the connection, the receiver couldnt connect to sc7. I reconfigured the duett, I reinstalled sc7 - but nothing helped. Yesterday I got a message on the controller, that a new softwareversion will be installed. after this install my duett works again without problem. I will see.......