View Full Version : Persistent Pause/Mute problem

Steve Frawley
2004-02-20, 17:00
Hi guys,

Every time I pause play, it also mutes the unit. Also if I have units
synchronized and volume not synchronized, remote units never start again. As
it is, when I pause, I must also press up volume to restart the playing.

I have installed the 2/20 build and updated the firmware to 2.3. This
problem existed on earlier builds as well. The last one I was running was
2/4 build.

I am running on a Mac with OS 10.3.2 on a G4 1G DP.

I am getting by because I figured out a workaround, but it would be nice to
not have to teach other users that UnPause means pressing two buttons rather
than just pressing pause again.

I haven't updated my friends machines to the latest build until I figure
everything out. Does this problem exist on XP and Win 2k machines?

Steve Frawley <Steve (AT) Frawleys (DOT) com> From the G4