View Full Version : Scan not understanding my year information

Jeff Flowerday
2008-04-01, 23:24
My year information is stored:


in some cases MM and or DD will not be included.

Everything that has extra character beyond, YYYY is being classified as unknown.

1996 is good
1996 08 is classified unknown

Is there a way to specify the date format when scanning or to tell the scanning operation to look at only the first 4 characters when getting the date.


2008-04-02, 00:05
Your problem is that you're using the tag in a non-standard way - year is meant to mean "year" !

Two suggestions, assuming you want to keep this info in your tags:

- use mp3tag to copy all the information in "YEAR" to "MY_YEAR" or some other tag of your choosing. Then use it to strip all the dates to 4 characters so that the YEAR tags are legal. Both of these operations will be a single operation for your whole library, so quite asy to do.

- get into the Perl code and patch it yourself...


2008-04-02, 00:20
Assuming these are flac files, thats not really a valid date tag. It should
be in ISO format, with hyphen between the fields.

What software have you used to create those tags?

Jeff Flowerday
2008-04-02, 08:47
Well I understand it isn't a year nor a properly formated date, but every other piece of software I use has the intelligence to look at the first 4 characters of the year tag and decipher the year.

I knew dbpoweramp was doing it but really didn't think it was an issue because until I bought my duet, the year was working fine in my other software.

I guess i have to go trim it in all my files.