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Jonathan Statt
2004-02-20, 14:43
If the auto-sensing amp is detecting output from the Slimp3 when nothing is
playing or on standby then this would suggest that the Slimp3 outputs a
small amount of hiss through its analogue outputs at all times (which the
amp interprets as signal). Therefore, it is unlikely there is anything in
software that would affect this behaviour.

The same issue may apply with the Squeezebox and is probably down to two
factors. The noise output level of the analogue outputs and the trigger
input sensitivity on the amp. You could apply a resistive load in series
with to the input to the amp, which would lower the incoming volume level,
but also push the hiss down to below trigger limits.

If the amp isn't auto-sensing in this way then of course all the above is
meaningless! :)


Jonathan Statt

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I have no idea. Would need to try it.

On Feb 19, 2004, at 5:11 AM, Mike Beranek wrote:

> A somewhat related question - although I'm definitely an audiophile
> rookie...
> I have my SLIMP3 connected (via analog of course) to an auto sensing
> Niles
> SA-275 amp. Even when the power on the SLIMP3 is "off", the amp senses
> audio output from the device and turns on. Is there hope for a
> similiar
> patch?
> If not, would "analog auto-sensing" work with with a SBox?
> Kind regards,
> Mike Beranek
> "Mike Reeve" <reeve_mike (AT) hotmail (DOT) com> wrote in
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>> Sean
>> THANKS for the quick reply but ...
>> I am using my Squeezebox to play uncompressed PCM (AIFF)
>> from my iTunes library
>> (SlimServer v5.1, Squeezebox Firmware v7).
>> As soon as play stops the DAC that the Squeezebox is connected to
>> indicates that it has lost input lock,
>> which says to me that the Squeezebox is not outputting digital zero
>> even in PCM mode ...
>> But as you seem to be aware of the issue,
>> and its importance to us 'audiophiles' who have adopted the
>> Squeezebox,
>> I'm sure that it will be fixed in a future release :-)
>> Warm regards
>> Mike
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>>> Subject: [slim] Digital Output - Output zero-level signal when
>>> box is
> on
>> but not playing ...
>>> It does this in PCM mode but not MP3 mode yet.
>>> On Feb 13, 2004, at 9:06 AM, Mike Reeve wrote:
>>>> May be it would be a good idea to (or at least have the option to)
>>>> output a zero-level signal when the box is on but not playing ...
>>>> . this way external DACs would not loose lock,
>>>> which in many cases causes a small burst of noise on re-start.