View Full Version : Buying Duet in Hong Kong

2008-04-01, 09:19
Just wondering if anyone knows where I can buy the duets in Hong Kong.

Also, can the controllers be bought seperately?

2008-04-08, 07:46
I posted this and also emailed sales a long time back with no reply from either. What gives? Can I at least get a yes/no answer?

2008-04-08, 09:03
I bought two by buying from the slimdevices website. They ship to HK.

2008-04-08, 18:33
I bought two by buying from the slimdevices website. They ship to HK.

I just received an email from Sales saying that they do have a list of HK dealers. I thought for a while that they were represented by Jardine Office Systems in Hong Kong.

Anyway thanks, how much was the shipping?

2008-04-08, 19:49
I bought 2 and the UPS postage came out to around US$62. The parcel was delivered in 4 days.

The Duet is not prime time yet. There are a number of issues.

First, it is lacking out of box support for Chinese chars (or any double byte chars). There is a work around for it, but you'll need to get the proper unicode font and with a little knowledge of linux in order to get Chinese to display on the controller. I'd not call this hack "easy", but it can be done. It is hard to imagine lacking foreign language support in this day and age when it is all built-in (no user fuss) for something as simple as an iPod Nano. As far as I can see, they're not going to support this officially, because there is no room in the firmware flash to add the unicode font. It has to be added to an SD card which you can plug into the controller and do the proper symbolic links in linux.

Secondly, there are still numerous bugs with the SqueezeCenter and the controller can be twitchy at times with wifi connections. I've a few posts in the forum on various issues. For now, there are work arounds but it is certainly not for the non-computer savvy consumers.

Just my $0.02