View Full Version : Anaylzing MP3 Organising Program? (was: Moodlogicalternatives?)

Todd Fields
2004-02-19, 09:40
--- Oliver Cookson <OCookson (AT) 3t (DOT) co.uk> wrote:

> How cool would it be for someone to write a
> application that actually
> analyzes a MP3 and detects what "mood" the music
> fits into? So a ambient

I guess when I read your post I didn't realize that
this is how you thought MoodLogic worked. I know of
no program that does this. This would probably be
very difficult unless your categories were very broad.

MoodLogic's asset is the database of profiles
submitted by its users. I've come close to using
MoodLogic several times but keep getting scared off by
the negativity that seems to be flying around their
forums (lack of updates, program crashes, small
percentage of songs properly idetified or identified
at all, etc.)

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