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2008-03-31, 08:36
Sorry if this is already posted somewhere on the forums, I couldn't turn up much with a search. I've been using Squeezecenter for remote streaming to work and finally got MiP working (sometimes, sorta...). Currently, at work, I'm forced to log into Squeezecenter to make my mixes (I can't seem to find the option to do this with any of the softsqueeze skins). I've never had any experience with the hardware though, but am thinking of picking up a duet. Does the duet allow you to make MiP mixes directly from the handset without having to get into squeezecenter and use the server interface?

2008-03-31, 08:41
Not yet, but it is in the pipeline. The final comment in the bug below is from one of the SD developers.


As for Softsqueeze, you should be able to press and hold play in any screen with a song with a little MM in the top right corner to trigger a mix - I don't use Softqueeze much but that always used to work.

2008-03-31, 09:53
Thanks, that's good to hear it's in the works for the duet controller. I don't have any little MM symbols in any of the softsqueeze skins. All songs do have the MM in squeezecenter though. I followed your directions using the transporter skin and was able to make a single MiP mix. I've tried repeating holding play though for several other songs and it just pushes me into a screen that says "Save Current Playlist As:" I can't seem to make mixes from softsqueeze any more. 95% of the time though, even trying to make a MiP mix in Squeezecenter produces a MusicIP Mix page that just says "empty". Sometimes repeatedly pounding away on the MM on the same song will eventually produce a mix, often it won't. The integration between MiP and Squeezecenter is decidedly buggy. Of course, MiP as a stand along app is decidely buggy so I guess one can only expect so much. Thanks for the help.

2008-05-31, 13:59
I just installed the latest build (7.1 20404) and Music IP playlist generation is working with my controller (hold down the Play key). Excellent stuff, many thanks to the developers.