View Full Version : Moodlogic alternatives?

Todd Fields
2004-02-19, 08:59
--- Oliver Cookson <OCookson (AT) 3t (DOT) co.uk> wrote:
> Maybe I have missed the "mood" functionality of
> MoodLogic but I assumed
> that MoodLogic uses some sort of algorithm which
> analyzes the MP3 and
> also does a check to the MoodLogic music db and
> assigns it to a mood?

I never ended up trying MoodLogic but my understanding
is that this is essentially correct. It assigns
multiple moods to each MP3 and creates playlists based
on these moods. It will also complete your tag data
for you if you want it to.

I don't use iTunes but doesn't it have a pretty robust
playlist generator? You have to complete your own tag
data though.

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