View Full Version : QUE and WAVE help, and various artist help

2008-03-30, 22:44

I have been using EAC to generate a que file and a single wave file for the CDs it have been ripping. I had started to use a que file and flac, but noticed that when you change tracks that my transporter would not start the song at the exact place in the file the song started. Enough that it would miss part of the first word or few notes of a song. With the que + wave the controller still doesn't start the track in the exact same place the que file says to start the track when one is jumping around, but it is better then with flac. I decided not to use flac at the start of my project because of this, thinking it was some issue regarding EAC and flac and not slimserver. Has anyone else noticed this slight timing issues when moving from track to track (or in reality inside of a wave or flac file)?

At first I thought it was somewthing with my rips, but I varfied that it wasn't by using foobar to play back the files, which works perfectly.

I have a lot of albums with various artits, and this obviously makes searching for music by artist kind of a drag. With que + wave how do I get slimserver to treat various artist cds differently?

Thanks for any help you guys can give me....