View Full Version : SC7 introduces static

2008-03-30, 17:52
I've upgraded to SC7 and now get occasional noise in the playback of my SB3. Every once in a while, the system produces a noise like a needle scratching across a vinyl album. It's just a second-long noise. I had this issue when I tried the beta SC7 a few weeks ago. I downgraded and the problem went away. Last week I upgraded to SC7 and the problem is back.

EDIT: This issue occurs when playing FLAC files.

2008-03-31, 00:33
Try the latest nightly of 7.0.1, it fixed my audio issues.

2008-04-01, 16:50
Thanks. Trying 7.01 now... Will reply if does not fix my issues.

2008-04-03, 07:46
7.01 has NOT helped audio issues.

2008-04-04, 10:26
It fixed some of mine, in that tracks that would just stop playing now work, but I still get clicks and bursts of digital noise which I never did with 6.x.

2008-04-07, 01:04
What OS are you running SC on?