View Full Version : Rhapsody Update and No Squeeze Network

2008-03-30, 15:38
Since I posted my original report of losing Rhapsody a few things have happened: At that point I was running mostly Squeeze Network only, no SS/SC except when one of my PC's with SS test installs happened to be running. I have since given up, for now, on trying to run SS on a NAS (NSLU2)--I got some help here but not enough to get it running--and installed SC7 under Ubuntu 7.10 Server Edition on an old computer. That works fine, and I can now access Rhapsody through Squeeze Network integration of SC7. However--and I think this happened just after an automatic firmware update after connecting to SC7 for the first time--I can no longer access Squeeze Network alone, whether or not SC7 is running on my network. The box says "connecting to Squeeze Network" for about half a minute then the display goes dark. It is not seen by Squeeze network, as reported via logging onto the web interface, nor is it seen by SC7. Only way to get back in business I have found is to pull the plug and re-do network setup. Anyone else experiencing this?