View Full Version : Moodlogic alternatives?

Todd Fields
2004-02-19, 08:20
--- Oliver Cookson <OCookson (AT) 3t (DOT) co.uk> wrote:

> Just wondering if anyone knows of any freeware
> versions of moodlogic? Or
> something simliar? Maybe a community effort?

When I was looking into MoodLogic a year ago or so I
kept getting steered towards MusicBrainz
(http://www.musicbrainz.org/). MusicBrainz is similar
in that it will look at your MP3's and help complete
the tags. However, it does not (or at least back
then) include genres or "moods". So if you were
looking to MoodLogic to simply help you complete your
tags then MusicBrainz might be a good free substitute.
However, if you were hoping to use it for playlist
generation (like me) then it's not a substitute.

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