View Full Version : Squeezecenter rescanning - 150 hours?!!!

2008-03-30, 10:45
i installed SN this past week and it has been rescanning ever since! i assume this is not normal? i have several bolder-modified sb2's running on a mac mini and accessing music on a readyNAS network server. I've used slimserver for a couple years anyway, and have a pretty large (700gb) library, but have never seen a rescan take this long. thoughts?

2008-03-30, 11:48
This is the wrong forum for you :)

You mean SqueezeCenter as opposed to SqueezeNetwork

Sounds like there is something very very wrong there. The usual suspects are playlists with errors or corrupt file or metadate within the files.

There should be a scanner log in Settings -> Status -> Scanner Log File

This should have details about where the scanning process is faultering.

2008-03-30, 14:19
Go to settings/advanced/logs and set all the scanning logs (3 of them) to 'debug', then try the scan again. You should be able to see the file scanner paused on by looking at scanner.log after the scan.

Another way is to reset the music directory to only some of your music, and try a scan. If that works, add more music to your directory and try again. This way you can at least narrow down a dodgy file to a specific batch of music files. Then look at scanner.log again.

Also, if you have any 3rd party plugins, turn them off, and temporarily remove them from the plugins folder - then try to scan again.

I would guess (not as an expert, but as someone who has had to resolve a couple of scanning problems) that a specific file or folder is causing the problem ~ you just have to track it down!

2008-03-30, 16:02
traced it and found it!

2008-03-30, 21:14
traced it and found it!

Congratulations on solving your problem. In order to help others in the future who might encounter a similar situation would you let us know what it was you found as the cause of the scan hanging?