View Full Version : Help! Can't connect to Squeezecenter

2008-03-30, 07:16
Hi all,

I have a problem with my new Squeezebox 3. I followed all steps so as to configure it but I can't access the Squeezecenter, therefore cannot play my .FLAC files.

I can however connect to squeezenetwork and play internet radios.
One potential problem I have found is that I registered my Squeezebox at the very beginning of the procedure but Ive made some change on the IP configuration. If I go to the http://squeezenetwork.com/player/viewPlayers webpage my SB3 show up with the wrong IP address, but I can't change it on the Set up link.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Eric Seaberg
2008-03-30, 07:30
Hold down the LEFT button until the network settings come up on the SB3. Scroll to CURRENT SETTINGS and look for you IP address. Confirm the display shows the same as what's on the back of the SB3. You can change the IP here if it's not right.

Is your server STATIC or DHCP? If you make it STATIC, the SB3 will certainly have an easier time finding it.

2008-03-30, 07:49
The IP displayed by the SB3 is the correct one. Its the one I assigned to it (STATIC IP)
Trouble is the one displayed by the squeezenetwork website its the old IP and I cannot change it. I think this is whats causing SC not to find the SB3.

Eric Seaberg
2008-03-30, 09:38
You shouldn't be changing the IP of the SB3!!! Actually I guess it doesn't hurt anything, but there's no reason to do that. What you WANT is the SERVER to be static so the PLAYER can always find it. It doesn't work the other way around! The server DOESN'T LOOK FOR THE PLAYER, but the PLAYER looks for the server.

I'd recommend changing the IP of the SB3 back to what its label says it's supposed to be and make your server static. Then reconnect the SB3 to the server by entering in the IP address of the server on your network setup page.