View Full Version : Can SlimServer serve UDP Multicast Streams?

2008-03-30, 06:22
As a newbie to this forum and to Slim Devices products & features I have been researching the topic of Multi Room synchronised playback of both Internet Radio & MP3 files.

From reading a number of other threads and the Wiki its clear that SlimServer and multiple SB's can be used to deliver multi room synchronised playback. However its not clear to me if this is being achieved using using UDP multi-cast streams? Could someone please explain whats happening 'under the hood' when SB's are playing in synchronised mode?

Thanks in advance for your patience if this has been answered somewhere here already.



2008-03-30, 08:11
This thread covers it in plenty of detail :)


But in short, no it doesn't use multicast. One very good reason why not is that UDP is unreliable and so packets could be lost, which could degrade sound quality. Probably good enough for Roku, not us ;)

2008-03-30, 15:12
And while synchronization is *possible* with multicast UDP, it wouldn't be very reliable. Your players would get of synch. Slim Devices' synchronization mechanism is maturing and works better

And I find streaming FLACs to two SB3s and two Softsqueeze client, all wirelessly works flawlessly. For a home network, I don't think there's much payoff to going multicast. The pipe in my home, and most people's, I suspect, is plenty big.