View Full Version : Controller browsing Issue

2008-03-29, 08:28
Hi, I am running the Stable 7.0 SC on XP. I been having an issue with my controller. If I try to browse a directory structure within the music folder after the controller has been sitting for a minute or two, more often than not, the controller will freeze. Sometimes it will un-freeze and let me navigate the upper menu, but after it freezes once it will never allow me to enter an "artist" or "album" in the "music folder" again without turning off the controller. It does not appear to be a wifi issue. I have tried it in the same room as my WAP and have tried it in other rooms while wifi SB's have been streaming FLAC. Also I can usually turn off the SB via the controller while this is happening. I can also successfully browse the "music folder" directory structure with the standard remote while the controller is "hung up"

Any comments or suggestions?

cheers and thanks.