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2008-03-29, 06:52
I recieved my new Duet controller and I have tried to update the software on the device as per the instructions. This continually fails with an error saying "Upgrade Failed" and provides me with an option to try again.

I tried to reboot by removing the battery. Also did a factory reset, but to no avail.

I have downloaded the latest firmware and put it on a SD card, but I do not get the option to install from the SD card.

Does anyone know how to access the SD card (I am using a 512MB card)?
How does the software needs to be copied on the card? I am using a Mac, is this something to do with how the card is formatted?

2008-03-29, 07:16

do you know this article? http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?SqueezeboxControllerSoftwareInstall
i was able to update from a sd-card this way...

edit: my sd-card was formatted with fat(32?)

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2008-03-29, 08:12
Thanks, that enabled me to see the SD card and start the updating process from the sd card

However, it still refuses to update, even with the latest software. Is this, as was suggested in another post, likely to be a hardware problem?

I have successfully setup the squeezebox and am playing music from my apple already, it is just the controller that refuses to update