View Full Version : time zone and squeezebox

2008-03-29, 05:32
I just moved from wyoming (Mountain Standard Time) to Ohio (Eastern Standard Time). I have a transporter and a squeezebox. I have changed the time and time zone on my computer, the one on which the squeezecenter runs. (Windows xp pro)

My alarm time set up doesn't work correctly. If I set it to 5 am to wake me,
it wakes me at 7am, as if I was in the mountain time zone.

I can't find a setting to fix this.

Any ideas?

Huge fan of the squeezebox, my main source of music


2008-03-29, 05:39
Are you counting on SqueezeCenter or SqueezeNetwork for your alarms? If the latter, you need to change your timezone in the SqueezeNetwork setup pages.

2008-03-29, 06:39
I thought I was using the squeezecenter for the alarms, but I will change the squeezenetwork pages. Thanks.