View Full Version : Track 1 file error-unable to play

ed straker
2008-03-28, 18:53
Hi, I work from a Mac, ripping CDs with Max and playing audio via SlimServer with FLACs. Everything works perfectly well except for about 1 album in 20 I get an error for only the first track of that album: Unable to play file type for : 01...
Has anyone struck this?
I've deleted the file from the hard drive, re-encoded it, reloaded it and the same thing occurs. I've tried uploading the problem file as track 00, doesn't help. When you use the web interface and load the complete album into the player window the problem track 1 file comes up with the album's title and not the track's title, and doesn't play either.
I'm stumped.

2008-03-28, 19:28
See this thread. Looks like a Max issue: