View Full Version : squeezecenter mp3 streaming

2008-03-28, 13:25

I use squeezecenter running on a dual core ubuntu box to stream my music to my work. so i point foobar at http://myserver:9000/stream.mp3 and use the web interface to add tracks.

here is where the prob comes. for some albums squeezecenter will not play the first track. it will load it into the playlist but skip right over it. and trying to manually select the track does not work either. the tracks are .flac files and were either created with max (on my ibook) or abcde on the linux box.

i tried searching the forum but i didnt see anything that was relevent. if i missed something please point me in the right direction.

UPDATE: so poking around it appears that these flac files (track 1's that wont play) have embedded CUE sheets. I do not see any reports on these boards to problems with these types of files so i am still lost.

thank you for anyhelp in advance