View Full Version : eSATA and PCMCIA

2008-03-28, 11:54

Has anybody any experience of using an eSATA drive/RAID enclosure with an eSATA->PCMCIA adapter on a laptop, especially under Linux (Ubuntu)?

I'm specifically thinking of the Thecus N2050 DAS device.

Any advice/info gratefully received...



Gregory Hamilton
2008-03-28, 12:13
No Unix experience, but I have found that using PCMCIA or CARDBUS with eSATA
is sub-optimal. The interface will only allow up to speeds up to USB 2.0spec.

2008-03-28, 12:36
Hmm, thanks for the reply...

Having looked around the web, people seem to have varying degrees of performance.

Theoretically, one should be getting 1.5Gbit/sec which is the max for PCMCIA but, obviously, one wouldn't expect that in a real life scenario.

What I want to do is attach something (eSATA, NAS, whatever) to run virtual machines which would be faster than USB 2.0.

eSATA via PCMCIA is being hyped as a faster alternative to USB/FireWire for laptops...