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2008-03-28, 08:54
I think i have seen the future....

After messing around in my cinema on my apple TV last night and watching the girlfriend pile into the tv shows with glee and ask why anyone needs a tv...

!!!IT CAME TO ME!!!!

Currently the internet is the network of choice we spend hours on browing wiki /you tube etc. But the future is a pay per view or subscription service to an endless copyright content database containing every film, tv show, sporting event, news program, documentary, music video, and cd ever made anywhere in the world.

Imagine loosing hours checking out the 1969 moon landings, the 1952 helsinki summer games (the first one in which russia competed, with big hairy female russian shot putters at $2 an hour), tv adverts from hungary in 1950s featuring ice scaters, you name it.... Like You Tube without the copyright problem. It's the next step in evolution after the net and supported by payment the content will explode in exponential ways.

Ie a hybrid between:

(1) News Story, March 26 2008, In an attempt to capitalize on the proliferation of both amateur and professional video made specifically for the Web, TiVo Inc introduced computer software last week that allows people to watch such content on their television sets... No longer just a TV show recorder, the set top box is also for browing the intenet and watching video or playing audio.

(2) Apple TV take 2 No computer required. Video and Audio for rent or subscription.


In many ways this is obvious - but what Apple TV teaches us is that you need a single company managing all the content to ensure effortless payment, video quality, bandwidth and security agaist copying. So this idea captures both models. You could argue its better to have an apple tv and a internet pc connected to the tv - nicer user interface but ultimately limiting becuase apple tv is so 'flat'. By using exisitng html and putting the video into that, the content providers can better provide acompaning text etc. This will become much more important as the content explodes to include zillions of programs.


OK how would you start it up (assuming you don't want to give the idea to apple)?

You go to the BBC and say here is this set top box with hdmi output which can browse the net... it is secure... now build a web site with all your tv and radio ever made on it and make sure the video quality is good... and our users can play all your stuff with a pay per view or subscription model. Then you sign up a few more people and suddently you rule the world.

What technology do we need? Basically not much... we use an existing OS with regular html and a video plugin protected by some DRM. Also some powerful servers to store the content.