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2008-03-28, 04:40
Hi all,

I have a Italian case that I no longer want. I used it for a modded SB2, but in the end took the SB2 out again because I wanted to put it in cupboard in the kitchen (got a receiver now for the main system).

So here it is, it has a Farnell linear PSU in it and 10mm thick front panel with a cutout for the SB2 display. The front was properly machined, but the back panel was done by me and not so well...actually it's not too bad, but you know what I mean :-)

Anyway, if anyone wants to make me an offer for it (SB2 NOT INCLUDED!) then PM me.

Sorry if this isn't the place to advertise by the way!


2008-04-29, 07:11
nice job, good luck with the sale....

Blue Fishey
2008-04-29, 08:15
Got any pics of the inside ?

Could be interested


2008-05-06, 13:12
Hi all,

I have decided not to sell the case, but put it in the attic. It would cost too much for me to ship securely as it is quite heavy, so I can't offer it at a reasonable price.

Sorry if anyone is disappointed...

2008-05-29, 09:03
Maybe try Craig's List? That tends to be local sales only so shipping becomes a non-issue.