View Full Version : Is my Squeezebox 3 running to hot?

2008-03-28, 02:59
I just got a SB3, and one of the first things I noticed is that it is quite warm to touch even when it is in standby mode. The ambient temperature in the room is 22degC, standby the SB3 is 31degC, when on it's 33degC. This is measuring on the top of the SB3 in the middle near the back, where I assume to wifi network card is. It's about 3 degs hotter again on the back panel, just a bit lower at the top.

Is this something I should be worried about? should I get a replacement from the store I brought it from?

Also when I goto the internet radio, the SB3 kind of freezes for a while and goes laggy, is this because my internet connection is too slow?

Apart from that I'm happy with my SB3

2008-03-28, 03:31
Nothing to worry about, my devices are all warm to the touch.
The temperature difference between "on" and "off" is only marginal because the SB is always on, only audio outputs might be disabled when "off".
There's always a network connection (wireless card in use if you use wireless).
Are you connected to your local Squeezecenter or Squeezenetwork when the SB freezes? Does it recover once it connects to the stream.
If you get dropouts when you play internet radio (but not when playing local files) your internet connection either can't handle the bandwidth or the radio station can't deliver the requested stream reliably.
If you get dropouts with different stations at the same bandwidth the problem is almost certainly with your internet connection.


2008-03-28, 04:18
Thanks for the reassurance. If I use a hardline for networking does it switch off the wifi, thus not getting as hot?

I'm connected to my local SqueezeCenter yes. But it does seem to cover once it gets a stream, just seemed to be in limbo for a good half to one minute