View Full Version : Problems playing radio Thecus N5200Pro and SqueezeCenter 7.0

2008-03-27, 14:54
I received this week the squeeze box duet. Setting up with a Thecus N5200Pro and SqueezeCenter 7.0 everything works fine up to 2 problems:

- I get a connection time out at playing internet Radio. Alien BBC works but all other services like Shoutcast, RadioTime ... stop with a connection time out. Other services like Podcast, RSS-Feeds work properly.

- Sounds & Effects don't work too, with the same problem "Connection time out"

2008-03-27, 15:28
It is slightly odd that out of the list of stations one works. If none would work it would be a lot simpler :-) .

Have you tried listening to the mentioned and other internet radio stations with some other player using the the same network like (assuming windows) winamp? Could it be that the wlan is suffering from low performance or your external connection?

Just a few question that hopefully narrow down your predicament .

2008-03-27, 15:46
From the PC the streaming with Winamp is no problem.
The internetbandwith (32mBit) and WLAN (n.draft) should be no problem.
Tried to connect to controller to the squeezenetwork have problems too, maybe that could be the reason.
Could be the problem that the remote doesn't get any connection to the internet, or is the squeezecenter for the streaming responsible?

2008-03-27, 17:42
I too am having problems with The Thecus N5200BR Pro and Squeezecentre 7.0

Basically Internet feeds for both Radio and RSS appear to be suffering from
DNS resolution timeouts.

I've checked my Thecus WAN config, and its DNS setting is set as being the ip address of my external WAN port connected modem router e.g. (the router then presumably passes back its ISP delivered DNS server IP addresses).

I've tried 2 different manufacturer modem routers and both cause the problem.

When I try to connect to an internet radio stream it takes about 3 attempts to connect before a stream will "sometimes" start to play. On my Squeezebox(es) it displays the error messages :

"Couldn't resolve IP address for www.bbc..../...", or "Connection Timeout" errors showing on my Squeezeboxes. Note this is effecting the SBR, Squeezebox 2 & 3's (havent tried my SLIMP3 yet!)

I also get the message on Squeezebox coming up "Checking Stream, followed by "Timed Out Waiting For Data" another error message is "Can't connect to server for www.xyz....".

I have the Thecus Module for Slimserver V6.5.x installed (but now disabled), this when running has historically handled Internet streams fine.

Any suggestions would be greatfully received.

2008-03-27, 18:07

The radio connection to BBC server is terminated in your PC to be transcoded. Whereas for WMA and MP3 radio streams, the stream is terminated in your SBR. So the problem is your SBR cannot communicate with Internet - this also explain no Squeezenetwork.

So your problem is in your SBR configuration - likely reason include : SBR has not got a Gateway IP set up correctly or your router is preventing SBT access to network.

2008-03-27, 20:11
Hello BPA,

thank you, that was the problem. I had static IP-Settings, but these seem not work correct with the duet. After setting up a DHCP everything worked properly.