View Full Version : Browser curses...

Talley, Brooks
2004-02-17, 18:30
Ok, I have to be doing something wrong. I'm experiencing tweaky
problems with the web interface on both IE 6 and Firefox.

- About one out of every 3-4 times the "music player" frame reloads, IE
throws a javascript error for the body's onload function. The error is
"parent.playlist.location is null or not an object". It's only a mild
annoyance, but searching the list archives didn't turn anything up, and
I can't believe this is only happening to me.

Firefox (0.8, and last night's nightly build):
- This one's even weirder. Basically, the playlist frame never loads.
It's just not there. Viewing source on the page shows the frameset to
be properly constructed, but right clicking where the playlist frame
should be and choosing "frame info" yields "about: blank" rather than
the playlist.html URL that's called out in the frameset.

I realize that both of these could be browser issues, but I'm mystified
that other people don't seem to be having them. Am I doing something