View Full Version : turn off option to download song

2008-03-26, 17:23
When Connecting to web interface, No security. When going to actual song, Download song is a option. As a group of people at work have dump there music collection to separate directories under the Music directory. I would like it so one can not just download a song from someone's collection. Is there a setting that will turn off this feature?

2008-03-26, 17:36
You could actually switch on security on the web interface if you like. Go to Settings | Advanced | Security . From the "Password Protection" drop dead list select "Password Protection".

2008-03-27, 03:16
To turn on password protection might not be an option if you want to allow other people access to the web interface.
There's no setting to disable the download links.
However, you can modify the html template and remove the download link there.
Look for the file songinfo_details.html in server/HTML/EN in your SC installation directory.
Open the file with a text editor and search for the following code:

(<a href="[% download %]">[% "DOWNLOAD" | string %]</a>)

Remove everything within the parantheses (including the parantheses) and save the file.
Keep in mind that every time you upgrade you need to do these modifications again.